More food while saving water, with a smaller carbon footprint. Minimizing risk.

We are changing the way the world values water.​

Our mission is to reduce the global water risk and the impact of climate change on humanity by promoting a more sustainable and efficient use of water resources. ​

Our product will be a software platform (SaaS) providing data which makes possible an increase in food production through sustainable irrigation. It will also establish financial instruments for risk protection in agribusiness – worldwide and under any variation in the climate system.

Sustainable Development Goals matched by AAW

Our products.

Identification of the areas where sustainable irrigation will increase agricultural productivity in any present or future climate scenario, with several simulations (including crop type) and without creating any new agricultural land conversion and thus reducing C02 emissions.

The creation of regional irrigation water value indices will make it possible to estimate reserves and natural and artificial water basins, as well as to employ derivative financial instruments for hedging risk. This will entail establishment of a specific market.

Quantification and certification of carbon credits and creation of a CO2 marketplace.

Assessment of ESG sustainability and corporate efficiency using Alpha indicators.


Our target audience is broad and includes companies in the food-value chain, investors, funds, financial institutions, governments, agencies, policy institutes, and NGOs. Our solutions are directed to entities aiming to optimize their water-related strategic and financial decisions. Additionally, we provide strategic advice to companies exposed to water risk and the effects of climate change.













Farmland Investors, Family Offices, PE Funds, Landowners,
Agribusiness Corporations

Food-value chain Companies

Governments, Government Agencies, UN Agencies, Intergovernmental Organizations, NGOs & Policy Institutes

Investment Funds, Insurtech, Financial Institutions


Alfredo Bini
Chairman, founder, CEO & CTO

Former Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley - Conceiver and co-designer of the framework providing the first global assessment of the economic value generated by irrigation water.

Martino Pietropoli
CCO, Co-founder

Specialist in communications, marketing, and digital media. Lead in management of complex projects, and adjunct professor of Service Design at University of Bologna.

Alessandro Agostini
Technical Advisor

M.Sc. in electromagnetic engineering. 30 years in R&D for products and services development in top brand companies. Father of many successful products generating long term revenues. Has filed several patents and scientific publications.

Simona De Feo
Strategic Advisor

Over 20 years of experience as a servant leader and change agent who has designed, operationalized and scaled programs in information protection, data management and analytics and climate change risk.

Mike Gardner
Senior Advisor

Over 35 years experience in software, data, and startups. Co-founder and CEO of an environmental Fintech. Degree in Resource Economics from UC Berkeley.

Roba Jilo
Sustainability Advisor & Fundraiser

Ph.D. candidate at the Fletcher School of Tufts University and Research Fellow at the Climate Policy Lab. He researches the intersection of land policy and climate change, mainly in desertified pastoralist areas. Degrees: MA in Sustainable International Development and a Social Impact MBA from Brandeis University.

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